What Products Are Used By Car Grooming Services
07.08.2014 18:38

These days, people have hectic work schedules and don’t have enough time and energy to clean cars on their own. An auto detailing business can be used to get the cars sparkling clean. These services clean both the interiors and exteriors of a vehicle. Auto detailing can be done in as little as $10 to $200 and this makes car grooming in Singapore a feasible option to explore. Here is a list of products used by car grooming services for detailing the vehicles of their customers.

1.      Air compressors

Air compressors are used for compressing and pressurizing air to power pneumatic tools. These tools are quite handy in auto body shops and car detailers as they reduce the labor required to wind and tighten up screws saving time for manual tasks. Air compressors speed up various procedures at grooming jobs.

2.      High Quality Pressure Washer

High quality pressure washer is a valuable tool to clean stubborn stains of oil and grease. Car grooming Singapore uses this device to give a thorough cleaning to their customers’ vehicles.

3.      Cleaning solutions and conditioners

Cleaning solutions and conditioners are specifically manufactured to carry out the cleaning processes without harming the car body materials. Treating leather seats with conditioners prevent them from cracking. Glass cleaners are used to make the windows streak free. Wax is applied after wash on the car’s body to make it shinier.

4.      Random Orbital Polisher

These polishers are ideally required by car polish service in Singapore and are powered by electricity for shampooing the carpets and mats of vehicles.

5.      Vapor steam cleaner

Vapor steam cleaner helps you to clean the upholstery and carpets in a natural way. The high temperature of the vapor kills bacteria, dust mites and molds. Steamers that can boil water up to 245oF are used to make your car hygienically clean.

6.      Transport Vehicle

Car grooming services often provide onsite detailing of automobiles with the help of a transport vehicle. The vehicle allows the car grooming companies to operate at the preferred spots of their customers providing services out of the confines of the brick and mortar location of their cleaning garage.

Well groomed cars are liked by all; apart from enhancing the car looks from interior as well as exterior, car grooming also increases the longevity of the body parts of a vehicle. It’s an excellent idea to get your car groomed at regular intervals to maintain it in a radiant condition.


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