How to keep your cars fresh and shining for long
17.12.2015 11:34

#1 Fix dents and scratches

When you drive around in your car, you might meet with road mishaps and minor accidents due to one or the other reasons. This could cause dents and scratches to the vehicle. Even a drive through poor roads, missing out a bump, or taking a wrong turn leading to sudden braking could all cause dents and scratches to the vehicle. These defects caused to the exteriors or interiors of the vehicle could harm the looks of the vehicle. If you leave it unattended for long, it will make things even worse. The freshness and gloss of the vehicle will be lost if you ignore the dents and scratches for long. It would hence be ideal to get all sorts of dents, major and minor, fixed as soon as possible. It will definitely help to keep your cars good-looking for a longer duration.

#2 Clean interiors

Majority of the car owners give predominant importance to the exteriors of the vehicle. They might fix the scratches and dents, however minute these are in a timely manner. However, when it comes to the beauty of the interiors, they turn a blind eye. Interiors of the cars are as important as the exteriors and can definitely bring in a huge difference to the overall appearance of the vehicle. Even if you roll down your windows and go on long drives, the interiors of the vehicles get adversely affected. You should also make sure that the interiors of the vehicle are cleaned without fail when you take the cars to a Car groomers Singapore. The seats and dash of the vehicle should be cleaned well in order to maintain the good looks of the car.

#3 Regular car wash

Regular car wash is also very much important in keeping your cars fresh and glowing for a long time. You would have loved the look of your cars when it was parked in a showroom when you had laid your hands on it for the very first time. In order to maintain the same good looks, you need to get the exteriors as well as interiors cleaned at short intervals. The dust accumulated in the body of the vehicle could pose a threat to the paint and the body parts. Regular cleaning will make sure that the exteriors of the vehicle is kept good for a long period of time.

#4 Use car waxing

Car polish service in Singapore can enhance the beauty of the exteriors to a good extend. You will be able to give a protective coating over the exteriors of the vehicle when you use this service which will guard against sunlight and rains.

#5 Avoid exposure to sunlight

Well, this would not be possible when you’re out on a drive. However, you can definitely take care of this part when you park the vehicle in between the drives. Try to park the vehicle in the shade always. If you’re in no position to do this due to lack of space at your work place or home, you should not forget to use car polishing services at least once in three months. This will help to keep the vehicles in good shape for a longer time. 



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